The antecedents of Sapphire Current Camp began in August of 2015.  Like many O.T.O. Man of Earth bodies, our humble origins started with a simple study group meeting at the residence of two of our founding members.  Three of us were already initiates of O.T.O. 

 From the outset our goal was to attain formal recognition as a duly chartered local body of O.T.O.  To that end we enlisted the help of two siblings from Nashville.  In June  2016 we drove to Chicago to attend Kaaba Colloquium.  While there our founding master was given official status as a "Camp In Formation Organizer" (now called the Local Organizer program).  

We built from scratch a Temple for performance of the Gnostic Mass and began having regular practices and private Masses, as well as practice initiations.  Sapphire Current Camp  was officially chartered in April of 2017 under the mastership of Soror Mayonaka.  Under her leadership we hosted public Gnostic Masses in addition to our usual public study groups. 

In April of 2020 the mastership was passed to Frater Jubal Eunice.